Pokemon In Nerima
by Becky Tailweaver

Well, this is it folks! It's over. Done. Finis. There ain't no more story.

At least, any more that I've written.

However, if there are any enterprising minds out there who would like to write continuations, you are welcome to do so. After all, Ash has several more weeks of curse to live through--who knows what might happen? I'll read them over and post a link to your story on this Pokemon In Nerima continuation page--if it meets the grade! There are a few rules that I must insist on to link or be hosted here:

1) Please have decent grammar, spelling, punctuation, and paragraph formation. Besides just being what you were supposed to have learned in school, a properly written story is nice to read even if the story itself isn't stellar. Even the best-thought-out fanfics can be tossed by readers if they can't actually read them well.

2) Folks, this will be the most important rule. NO HENTAI! That means no lemony stuff--no sexual content other than what you'd normally see in Ranma 1/2 (which already pushes it way beyond what you'd ever see in Pokemon). It needs to be comedic, no yaoi, non-explicit, and reasonably PG-13 at most. If you want to write it with explicit content, great--go ahead, but I won't link to you.

3) Please try to remain in-character. Part of my greatest efforts in my fanfics is remaining in-character, and that makes it a more pleasant reading experience for fans of that particular show/game/manga. (This isn't an absolute rule, rather more of a consideration.)

Well, that's about all I'm going to complain about. I can go for drama, angst, comedy, romance...any theme. Knock yourselves out.

If you absitively posolutely cannot find hosting anywhere else and have no website of your own, I'll host you here. (I have such limited space I am always concerned about burning it up.) If this is the case, please send your stories in HTML or DOC formats. If you can only send in TXT format, you can send with html tags or without. If without, please include a legend of which symbols you use to designate bold, italic, etc and I can format them to a limited degree. (I hope there aren't too many of those because I already have more than enough work to do.)

Okay, hope you all enjoyed Pokemon In Nerima. Sorry it took so long to finish, but now it's done! The first official multi-chapter finished fanfic in the Chronicle! Thank you all for your patience! Keep reading--and maybe writing too!

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