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Pokemon & Ranma 1/2
'I can face anything!''My life's hard enough as it is...!'

Pokemon in Nerima: A Little Change In Perspective
Completed 3/29/2001

Ash Ketchum and Co. travel to Nerima innocently enough, but end up getting involved in the insanity. Ash's life is changed--in more ways than one! Look out, Pokemon fans; step back, Ranma lovers! Here comes The Crossover! (Caution: This is a bit more of a Pokemon fic than it was originally intended to be, but bear with me, it gets better.)

Part 1: Electricity and Water Stay away from that water, Ash Ketchum, or you'll learn the hard way: They don't mix!
Part 2: Shock and Challenge Ash discovers his little mishap, but his ego won't let him back down from any challenge!
Part 3: Revelation and Search Ash has to confess his problem to his friends, while Ranma Saotome continues to look for him.
Part 4: Flight and Disbelief To Ash's chagrin, he runs from his rival in fear. However, things are looking up when Ash enters the match.
Part 5: Battle and Shame Ash might actually be winning! But a tragic twist grinds the battle to a halt, and Ash must face his worst moment ever.
Part 6: Understanding and Courage Ranma and Ash share a little heart-to-heart in a quiet spot in the park.
Part 7: Confrontation and Victory Ash vs. Gary for the last time, and Team Rocket is sure to get into the mix of things! Watch how Ranma handles this!
Epilogue: Friendship and Goodbye Ash and Co. leave Nerima. Might they ever come back?
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This is a very, very old fanfic I started working on, back in my newbie days. It was a rousing Pokemon adventure that I conceived of soon after watching the Pokemon Mewtwo movie. Inspired by Ash's love of Pokemon and the special bond with them he has, I began a story and an outline that brought Ash face to face with his old rival, some new enemies, and side by side with old and new friends. Mew and Mewtwo are in it, as well as Ash's Pokemon, and Pikachu--and a new, even more powerful, incredibly ruthless psychic Pokemon. I want folks to tell me if this looks like it's worth spending some time on, along with all the other projects I'm keeping up with. Opinions, people? Let me know after you read...

Pokemon: The League War
Prologue: Fall of the League What's happened up 'til now.
Chapter One: Return (teaser only) Ash is back...

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