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In Vino Veritas
by Becky Tailweaver

Part 2

Aoko had been badly frightened to step out of the bathroom stall to find a pale-clothed figure standing like a ghost in the doorway. Somehow, through the blurriness and the haze, she recognized the white suit and the top hat, and realized who had invaded her restroom.

Kaitou Kid. Who had promptly pounced on her before she could scream. And was now acting surprised to find anyone in a dark bathroom.

I actually surprised him. I actually got the jump on Kaitou Kid!

For some reason, though it was a rather silly idea, she found it really funny. And the only reason the bathroom was dark was that she couldn't find a lightswitch for it and was too desperate to stand around looking. Maybe she shouldn't have had so many of those drinks, if she'd known she would have to go so badly. But they were pretty good, and they were fruity-tasting, which she liked. But around about the...third?...she'd started feeling sorta blurry. One more hadn't hurt, but she did have to go to the bathroom.

"What's the daughter of the great Inspector Nakamori doing at a party where Kaitou Kid is expected?" asked her captor, his voice low.

She was giggling. She didn't know why, but the whole situation was remarkably funny. "Was gonna chase you away," she replied. "You're a baka. An' I hate you."

The Kid leaned a little bit closer. "Are you drunk?"

"Nooo..." She shot him a glare. "Why would I be drunk?"

A sigh. "You're drunk. Hasn't your father been keeping an eye on you?"

She humphed indignantly. "I'm eighteen, you jerk. Old enough to take care of myself. I don't need anybody keepin' eyes on me."


The oddly familiar way he said it gave her an incredible urge to hit him. "You're the baka," she shot back, disliking how cold the wall was against her back for so long. "Doncha know my dad's gonna catch you?"

"Oh, really?"

God, how did he keep doing that with his voice? It was so low and almost husky, and as close as she was she could almost feel it, too. She still couldn't see his face in the shadows, obscured by that monocle, but the dusky tone of his voice was soooo...

So something, and I can't remember the word for it...

"So far, I don't think your father could even catch a cold, much less a legendary...phantom..."

He trailed off when she brought her arms up around his neck rather abruptly, suddenly smiling smugly as she spoke through laughter. "Fine, jerk, how 'bout I catch you instead? Dad'd be prouda me."

She could see enough to see his jaw falling open, his mouth moving silently. His arm, which had previously pushed her back against the cold tiles, fell loose and it almost seemed that he was going to back away from her. "No ya don't, I caught you..."

He pulled away and she went with him, holding on tight, suddenly pressed against him. She noted how tall he was, just right for her arms to link around his neck...and how broad his shoulders were, and how she could feel his muscles shifting and tensing...


The great and mysterious Kaitou Kid, she thought, feeling a strange sense of giddiness. An' I've got him cornered right here. A thousand cops an' my dad combined could never catch him, but here he is right in my hands. I got him.

"Whatsa matter, Kaitou Kid?" she giggled. "I thought you were some great eksape...espake...escape artist or somethin'."

His gulp was audible, but still he didn't reach to pry her off of him.

"C'mon, try to get away. I dare ya." Her voice was almost serious now. "You're this great thief and everyone loves you--they all cheer for you so you win every time and make my dad look stupid, and you do whatever you want without caring 'bout anybody else. Can'tcha get away from me?" Some part of her was aware that she was rambling into the face of a perfect stranger--not to mention bodily clinging to him--and was properly scandalized, but that part was muffled completely by a blurry haze. She didn't care at this point--what did matter was that the famed phantom thief was at her mercy.

And I'm gonna make him pay.

"Why aren'tcha runnin', jerk?" she railed, her voice getting a bit louder, the giggles gone, full of anger and biting sarcasm. "You're Kaitou Kid. Everybody loves you an' you always win an' nobody beats you, 'cause you're so perfect, an' strong an' smart an' amazing every time I see you, an' not even a whole city of cops ever catches you and nobody can ever ever even touch you, not anybody..."

That muffled, rational part of her was also aware that she had accosted a very, very dangerous man--a phantom thief that the entire police force together hated and feared and longed to capture. Somewhere during her rant she became aware that this unbeatable demon was currently in a state of captivity--by her of all people. Trapped by a teenage girl in a darkened bathroom.

There he was, right in front of her--literally within her grasp. The uncatchable had been caught; the untouchable trembled under her touch. She was holding a legend in her hands--a man who had never been snared by any mortal grasp...except perhaps her own. A being named Kaitou Kid, who was just that side of extraordinary--who she hated more than anything because he was so confusing and mystical and uncatchable and completely infuriating...just like someone she knew...

There was the exhilaration of doing the impossible--of having laid hands on this elusive phantom. There was giddiness at the new power she felt, the inexplicable confidence. There was the warmth of something strangely comforting and familiar that she couldn't define--yet the flip side of it pulled her to him with the heated thrill of the forbidden.

"...but I caught you..."

And she kissed him.

To be continued...

Oh, you're so beautiful,
With an edge and a charm,
But so careful
When I'm in your arms.

--Sarah Mclachlan, "Building A Mystery"