Sorry everyone--major damage control! Vegeta had a Super-Saiyan temper tantrum about something or other and short-circuited my links; Inuyasha was fooling around with the Tetsusaiga and chopped up half my pages; and Ranma and Ryoga got in a huge fight and trampled all over my images!


Pardon me for just this evening of July 21, 2000. This whole darn website will be fixed by tomorrow, even if I have to stay up all night to do it! I've got all these super-powered aliens, martial artists, and demons lying around here taking up disk space and eating all my food; the Tailweaver's gonna crack the whip and put them to work--make 'em clean up the mess they made!

(The truth is, GeoCities puked up my stuff today while I was trying to make some cool upgrades to my site. I lost everything--and I do mean EVERYTHING! But oh well, the "story" is more fun!)

Thanks for your patience, folks!--Becky

Behind the front page:

Becky: *Footsteps crunching over broken pieces and scattered debris.* "Okay, time to get to work. Hey, you with the ears! Yeah you, Dog-Boy! Get your behind back here--no sneaking off!"

Inuyasha: "Bugger off, wench! Get your own errand boy!"

Becky: "Bad idea with the Big Bad Demon act. Look behind you."

Inuyasha: "Huh?" *Turns.*

Kagome: "Don't you talk to Becky-chan like that! Sit!"

Inuyasha: *Faceplant.* "Argh! Double-teaming...no fair..."

Becky: "Thank you, Kagome; I think I'll put you in charge of this operation. Once he gets up, you make that oversized puppy pick up the pieces of my webpage that his precious Fang chewed up and left all over the place. Make sure he sweeps, too." *Turns around.* "Whoops--there you are! Goku, Vegeta, so glad you could volunteer!"

Vegeta: "Darn! Kakarot, can't you even sneak right?"

Goku: "It wasn't my fault the page mechanics got fried. Why should I sneak?"

Vegeta: *Bristling.* "You rock-headed moron! Just because this wimpy, stupid page can't handle a little power surge--!"

Becky: "Oh, shut up--you made the mess, Vegetable-Head. Get yourselves over here--and the rest of you overgrown monkeys, too! You've got ki-scorches to clean up!"

The other Earth-Saiyans (hiding behind the remnants of their page): *Collective groan.* "Aw, man..."

Becky: "Bardock, I want you on the link systems. The rest of you, those connections have to be in working order; polished, stacked, and sorted. And while you're at it, don't screw with the URLs!" *Spots a couple of slackers.* "You two water magnets need to make yourselves useful. Go get a mop and rags and start scrubbing off the pictures. Yes, I mean you--are your names Ranma and Ryoga?"

Ranma: *Gulps* "You don't mean a mop with...a bucket of water, do you?"

Becky: *Heavy sarcasm.* "Naaaw. You're gonna clean up the whole collection with your own spit."

Ryoga: "But...water...that's not fair...!"

Becky: "I don't care if you get wet. I want those images spotless! And sort them when you're through!" *Claps hands.* "Okay, people, move it! Let's get to work!"

*Nobody budges.*

Becky: "Did I say move it? I'm sorry--I meant MOVE IT NOW!!!"

*Sudden stampedes of activity. Tools, mops, buckets, and other cleaning utensils clattering. The sounds of super-speed work. Various complaining voices and small squabbles. Splashes, crashes, and intermittent shouts.*

Kagome: "Boy, I wish I could holler like that. Then maybe Inuyasha would listen to me."

Becky: "It's all in the lungs, Kagome-chan. Well, I'm off to my computer to make sure all the boys' hard work doesn't go to waste. I'll do some surprise progress checks later on--don't let 'em slack off! See you in the morning!" *Trots off to the File Manager.*

Inuyasha: *Halfway up off the floor.* "Dang. She's worse than you, Kagome."

Kagome: "Sit!"

Inuyasha: *Splat.* "Agh! You wench!"

Kagome: "Darn. Now I'll have to wait through another one..."

* * *