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Dragonball Links

Mirai Shock: Dragonball Super Z----this is a really well-written Future Trunks series.  If you like that hero from the time that never was, go here.  It's got some surprising plot ideas that really flesh out the future timeline and make it an exciting time to be.  Check it out!

Dragoness Eclectic's Dragonball Z Fan Fics----great mythic DBZ fanfiction! This author's site is one of those must-reads; it's scope is amazing!

Chelsee's Fan Land----a site with beautiful fanfiction from DBZ--a jewel of a place to visit! Also gorgeous fanart of Gohan and Co. both from stories and individual pics. You gotta see this!

Inuyasha Links

Into the Well----the great Inuyasha fanfic archive! A whole boatload of fics maintained by Ikumi, this is the place to go to get your Inuyasha fics fix. A whole lotta authors and a whole lotta stuff. Come see!

Dreamer's Isle----a really, really good Inuyasha fanfic site with a massive archive, all stacked alphabetically by title. You can find just about everything here, from the Queen of Swords to Silver Fox. Check this out!

Inuyasha's Spiritual Arrow----a site with Inuyasha fics and pics.

Ray-Chan's Domain----beautiful Fanart! This wonderful person has been doing marvelous illustrations for my IY fic, The White Dog. Please do me a favor: Visit this site and tell the artist how beautiful the work is!

Legend of Zelda Links

The Desert Colossus----fanfics plus! This site has just about everything to do with Zelda, including fanfics, so hop on over and take a peek.  (My Zelda fics are also posted there.)  A 1st-rate spot!

City of ClockTown----another great "everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-Zelda-but-were-afraid-to-ask" site. Stop in and check it out--the info is detailed and knowledgeable! Plus Mujora's Mask.

Kasuto.net----gosh, you've gotta see this! If you're an avid Z-fan reader, you'll love the detailed history and language info here, not to mention the wealth of other info about everything Zelda! Home of the Hylian Language Institute, as well as a huge archive of fanfictions. Must see, must read!

Gundam Wing Links

GW Campaign----a Gundam Wing fansite dedicated to Relena Peacecraft. Lots of stuff, including fanfics. Non-yaoi, no lemons.

The Temple of Balance----really great Gundam Wing fanfics, plus tons of other fanfics too! Non-yaoi.

Blissful Ignorance----a cool Heero/Relena fanfiction archive. Some must-reads in here!

Aishiteru----a completely non-yaoi GW fanfic archive! Awesome stuff, pairings galore! Lives up to its name!

Other Stuff

Anime Webs----A Valuable Anime Directory and Information Resource.

Michelle's Anime Backgrounds----Go here for anime desktop wallpaper and midis. Cool stuff!

3D World----This is my brother's website. He does 3D renderings and will take suggestions for graphics work. He does some pretty good stuff, so talk to him about title art and graphics. He's a lot better than me. (Sorry--right now he's moving!)

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