Dragons of Chaos

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united, unrelenting, unstoppable...Twin Dragons
Beware Nerima's Dragons!

Twin Dragons

It's hidden behind years of secrets, but Ranma is determined to discover the truth about his twin brother, known to him only in an old photo discovered by chance one day. His twin's disappearance haunts him through a journey to find a cure at the source of curses, deep in the Heart of Jusenkyo, until the truth is bared for all in a knock-down drag-out battle for the only cure to Jusenkyo's Curse that exists on Earth!

Chapter 1: A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words...
Ranma's poking around in his mom's old college books...

I am still working on this fanfic! I haven't forgotten!

I hope to have something resembling a first chapter up soon. Meanwhile, check out the Crossover page: The first Ranma writing I attempted lives there.

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Dog Daze

Inuyasha the dog-demon and Ranma Saotome finally meet, and sparks fly! It's a prideful battle for supremacy that leaves Kagome Higurashi and Akane Tendo at their wits' end. Time-tunnel wells and cursed spring water are very volatile combinations! Will the Warring States' most fearsome half-demon and Nerima's most powerful martial artist become mortal enemies...or will they discover a friendship stronger than either has ever known?

Sons of Chaos

(Ranma 1/2 / DBZ Xover) Ranma and Ryoga are invited to attend the Supreme Martial Arts Tournament in Satan City. What an honor! But their first encounter with the Saiyans and a tumultous fight at the Tournament sparks a probe into ever deeper truths of a past not yet revealed. Ranma and Ryoga will finally discover the key to their true heritage--and the secret behind their awesome power!

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