Becky Tailweaver's
Secret of the Beast Spear

the deepest secret...

The hunter becomes the hunted.
The hunted becomes the nightmare.
The nightmare becomes reality.

While an evil youkai stalks them, relentless and hungry for power, Ushio and Tora stumble across the horrifying secrets shrouding the origin of the Beast Spear. Trying to thwart their discoveries is an ancient warrior who is determined to hide the truth at any cost, to save the world from a nightmare that has not walked this earth in two thousand years.

Ushio must choose whether to push the lies aside and face the reality of the Spear's existence and the darkness within himself, at the cost of his soul and sanity--or leave the veil of time and secrecy in place to sacrifice his own life. The problem is...both options risk the lives of everyone he loves...

Is the truth really worth so much?

Chapter 1: Hungry Shadow
Chapter 2: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Chapter 3: Encounter
Chapter 4: Rumble of Foreboding
Chapter 5: What Lies Beneath
Chapter 6: Storms of Strife
Chapter 7: Blood and Thunder
Chapter 8: Damage Control
Chapter 9: Desolation

Fanart for Secret of the Beast Spear

Art by Jessiy Landroz:
Tora's busy. And Ushio's irritated at the lack of help.

Story art by me:

Arashikumo, the Stormcloud, as he appears now.

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