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Genesis 0:14
...the end is near...

Angel's Child

Get ready for the ride of your life.

Something links the life of Shinji Ikari's mother, Yui, with that of Rei Ayanami. Shinji has not yet uncovered the secrets behind his father's cloning experiments. Gendo Ikari is preparing for the return of the Angels, for he knows something the others do not: The horrors they have faced thus far were not the worst--that is yet to come.

The Angels were not harbingers of Armageddon--they are something far, far more sinister. Adam is no longer their target. Humanity is a threat they will not ignore. Soon, they will attack full force. Their purpose: Wipe out the human race.

Not even NERV has the power and resources to stop them.

Gendo Ikari wants Shinji to be prepared--for what? More training--more work--more tests. Why is Shinji so important? Why is his mother's research so vital? Yui Ikari...who was she? Why was a silent, blue-haired girl hiding within her genes?

The 5th Child, the 17th Angel, recognized Rei. He knew they were the same.

If Rei Ayanami is some kind of Angel, Yui Ikari carried the same DNA.

And if Yui Ikari was an Angel...what does that make Shinji?

''What am I?''

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