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Nearly every anime/manga that I've seen has some kind of story I've written about it--it just depends on how complete it is and how much time I'm willing to invest in it. Some of these may never be finished--but the spirit's there! Maybe if you poke me about some of them I'll write more--my interest depends on what my readers want to see. Only a few of these are in any decent state of composition. Most are just outlines and script format dialogue. The clips you will see are those few sections that happen to be somewhat presentable. You might want to read the synopsis first, because the clips themselves are not beginnings or endings, but somewhere in the middle, and you'll be left saying, "What the heck is going on here?" Click on the title of a piece to see if there's an actual story clip to read. Click on "Synopsis" to read the explanation of what that story's about. Some of them are pretty detailed, so I warn you: Big spoilers, but I don't suppose that matters since these aren't likely to be worked on any time soon (unless you want me to). (I'm so busy on other stories the stuff on this page isn't likely to be clickable soon, but check back periodically.)

OK, change of plans: I've put up synopsis/promos for people to look at. Pics and all--they're pretty much "pre-production" pages. They may look neat, but unless there's a massive fan clamor (like for GW) I will not waste time on these! Only after my main stuff is done will I turn to these "oldies." Otherwise, enjoy the browsing!

Wild Angels The Vision of Escaflowne promo page
Crimson Flame Rurouni Kenshin promo page
Dark Seraphim Neon Genesis Evangelion promo page
Desert Blaze Trigun promo page
Three Worlds Balanced YuYu Hakusho promo page
Scarlet Lightning Zenki promo page

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