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Vash the Stampede, the Humanoid Typhoon, is a legendary ace gunman and wanted outlaw--even though he's always fought for good. Millions Knives, his brother, is the other side of the coin--a destroyer, a purger of human life in the name of "cleansing the cosmos of a virulent pathogen." Little has changed between the brothers over the decades, even after Vash still refused to kill Knives, and in fact healed him of wounds received in their latest battle. Now Knives is loose again--vanished into the shifting sands that form the world Vash knows, lost again until he decides to bring about yet another reign of blood.

Vash wanders through the cities by himself now. It has been nine years since Milly Thompson and Meryl Stryfe left his side, presumably to report in to their employer's Main Office--but inexplicably, they never returned. He doesn't know if they're alive or dead, or even if Knives had something to do with it. With Nicholas D. Wolfwood dead and the Insurance Girls long gone, Vash is alone.

Until a young man approaches him, looking to hire him for a mission of mercy. Shifting events have begun to take place, reminiscient of Knives' subtle, bloody maneuverings--and the youth is caught in the middle of it all, made a target on all sides. Finding Milly only deepens the mystery--and tracking down Meryl Stryfe, the key to many of these puzzles, becomes Vash's first priority. Most shocking of all comes the young man's reasons for finding Meryl, and his connection to Vash himself--not only in who he is, but in what he is as well.

Events are set in motion that could change their existence forever. Vash's young companion may be pivotal to the salvation or damnation of the world--for he carries within him a power that no one can fathom. This special youth reaches far beyond anything either brother had ever dreamed possible--and shakes the desert planet to its very core. Even Millions Knives becomes unsure of the outcome, as Vash strives to save Meryl and the youth is pushed beyond his limits.

This one boy could become an invaluable power for life...or a horrifying force of destruction.

And it's up to Vash to choose which one he will be.

TRIGUN: Seedling
1 - Pursuit draft only
2 - Maverick draft only
3 - Companion draft only
4 - Memory outline only
*Coming Soon!*

(Warning: This fic is based only on anime continuity. I have seen the entire series,
so expect major spoilers, but I have no account of the manga version. Sorry!)

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