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humanity's last hope

Hell War

Yusuke Urameshi has known for some time that demon blood flows in his veins. However, he is no longer an official Spirit Detective for Koenma; he lives happily on Earth, working hard and waiting for the day he can marry his love, Keiko. On Earth, all is as it should be once more; Kuwabara and Kurama are still his best friends, and even Hiei never fails to visit once in a while. Other teams of Spirit Detectives, though novices, do well at keeping demon riffraff from plaguing humans.

But with the gruesome deaths of a promising group of trainees, alarm flashes through the halls of the Spirit World. In the deepest pits of the Demon World, beyond any of the civilized areas, lower than the gates of the foulest monster's lair, lies a door. A door that, if opened completely, could spell the doom of not only the Demon World, but the Spirit World and the Human World if left unchecked. This gate in the darkest recesses of the demons' plane leads to a world, a realm, a place more devastating, more terrifying, and more powerful than even the Netherworld.

It is a doorway to Hell.

The seals have cracked, and now demons--true demons, not just the twisted monsters that inhabit the Demon World--are creeping into the mortal planes. Koenma calls on Yusuke and his friends to fight one more battle, one last effort, to seal once again a door that has not been opened in eons. Even the weaker of these devils are stronger than the kings of the Demon World. And only Yusuke, half-demon Spirit Detective with the blood of the most powerful Demon King within him, one of the last S-Class fighters left, has the power to combat the stronger of the demons that emerge--if he can find it within himself.

Yusuke soon learns the truth behind the "S" in S-Class, and the reason for the massive strengths of those demon types, so many times more powerful than the common monsters around them. He learns why Koenma, through the ancient writings of his ancestors, knows that one must fight fire with fire: The only way to fight a Hell with another Hell demon. By the orders of Lord Enma's father, the first S-Class demons, ill-begotten children of Hell demons, were born eons ago and trained to combat the invasion--to stop the breaking of the Hellgate's seals.

Not only does Yusuke have the blood of demon kings in him, but the power of Hell itself.

S stands for

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Hell War
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