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Hello, travelers. Welcome to the Chronicle's Hyrule office. To the wonderful and friendly people here, I'm known as the Sage of Muse. My "Temple" is a dusty, candlelit, cozy library in the basement of Hyrule Castle. Feel free to browse around; the tales of Link's journeys and adventures beyond The Ocarina of Time are kept safely here. (Please don't pet the Keeses--they bite.)

The Legend of Zelda: Journey to the Past
The battle against Ganondorf is over, the Ocarina quiet, and the Master Sword returned to rest. Link is trapped in the future time, and Impa's stunning revelation sends Link and Co. on a perilous journey to the Deep South that will change all of their lives.
Chapter 1: It's Finally Over...
Chapter 2: Secrets Long Hidden
Chapter 3: Lessons in Heritage
Chapter 4: Deep in the Southland
Chapter 5: River Rescue
Chapter 6: Father's Pride
Chapter 7: A Home or a Prison?
Chapter 8: The Captain's Interrogation
Chapter 9: A Walk in the Country
Chapter 10: Sheikah Shake-Up
Chapter 11: Impossible Escape
Chapter 12: One Good Blade
Chapter 13: Master Swordsman
Chapter 14: So It Begins...
Chapter 15: Leonine's Treasure
Chapter 16: In Practice

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Journey to the Past Fanart

WOW! My very first fanart for Journey to the Past! Big thanks to Yan Ryu who sent this in!

Art by Yan Ryu:
Link on the grass. The first talk with Impa on the hillside near Kakariko.

Something interesting I learned: "Epona" is the name of a Welsh goddess of water (rivers and lakes) and of horses. She is known as the protectress of all horses and ponies as well as the mother or creator of Kelpies (water horse demons).

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