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"I have chosen the way of truth;"
Psalm 119:30a
dream team Teenage detective Kudo Shinichi is a constant seeker of justice, even though he's been trapped in the body of a seven-year-old boy by an experimental drug. Disguising himself as innocent grade-schooler Edogawa Conan, he continues to solve mysterious murders and baffling crimes, all the while searching for clues about the enigmatic Black Organization--the powerful crime ring responsible for his condition. With his keen intelligence and matchless deduction skills, he meets danger head-on--while keeping his identity secret by using unique gadgets and his own wits.

By day, high school magician Kuroba Kaito is a regular student and playful class clown--but by night, he dons the secret identity of Kaitou Kid, the phantom thief, passed down from his father. He uses his skills in misdirection and magic to thwart the villains of a secret, unknown syndicate at their own game of thievery, stealing million-dollar gems just to get to the prize before they do. With his extraordinary talents and flamboyant style, he works to draw the secret organization into the open and see that justice is done for the murder of his father.

Relative Truth

When your highest goal is the pursuit of the truth, what do you do when you find out your whole life is a lie? Kudo Shinichi has to face the mystery of his past, but its secrets may shatter all his hopes for the future. And what of Kaitou Kid...?

double life

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I'm Already There

(A very, very strange 4 AM fic...don't ask.) On the night before Ran's 22nd birthday, Shinichi gives her a call. He's still Conan, only now there's something else...

When You Think Of Me

Lookit! Hell's Hauntress wrote a prequel to "Already There!" Here's her synopsis: "One last antidote, one last day, and one last night of elation and despair, of loneliness and love…but can Shinichi still leave Ran behind?"

Stronger Than I Am

(The sequel to I'm Already There.) Ran's birthday is off to a good start, but she can't help missing Shinichi, especially after his call last night...

Coming Home

(Sequel to "Stronger Than I Am") Conan's troubles are just beginning when his family starts disappearing. An old aquaintance is back in town, planning to bring everything to an end...
Here's a picture of Yuuichi, done by none other than Magik! ^_^

In Vino Veritas
"In wine, there is Truth."

Nakamori Aoko. Kaitou Kid. A dark bathroom. A little too much alcohol. A big mistake...


Relative Truth

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