Kudo Shinichi........Kuroba Kaito
Relative Truth art by Magik
Relative Truth

by Becky Tailweaver

File 1: First Contact...And What Happened After
File 2: A Change In the Game
File 3: Method to the Madness
File 4: Crossing the Line
File 5: One Truth
File 6: Double Checkmate
File 7: Countdown to Confrontation
File 8: Cards on the Table
File 9: Shuffling the Deck
File 10: Hide and Seek
File 11: Truth or Dare
File 12: A Game of Hearts
File 13: Tug of War
File 14: Rules of Engagement
File 15: Calling Time
File 16: House of Cards
File 17: Disappearing Act
File 18: Changing the Rules
File 19: Masquerade
File 20: First Steps
File 21: Transposition
File 22: Passages
File 23: Through the Looking Glass

Fanart for Relative Truth

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