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Happy Halloween, everyone! Here's another update. (See? I am going to keep updating!) Gotta keep the momentum up somehow, so I'll continue to work.

Check out this beautiful new fanart by Kyu6, on the Inuyasha Art Page.


I'm back! (*ducks thrown vegetables and hides from fans' Glares of Death*) Ack! I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry! Long time no write, I know. Becky has been sitting on her lazy behind lately and accomplishing nothing. (Real Life combined with job problems does not contribute well to inspiration.)

First off, I'm very sorry to everyone for the long delay. Now that I think the delay is over, I believe I'm ready to get back into gear. (-_- don't believe it 'til you see it, though.) To get in shape for some updates, I decided to do a little cleaning, and aired out TC from top to bottom. That way when the updates do start stacking up, having to fix page errors will not consume my time. (However if anyone hits any snags please let me know right away!) I hope to complete the chapters of things that I started a while back (as promised) as well as get some of my newer works off the ground (Rurouni Kenshin and Ushio & Tora seem most likely at this point). I tried once more to get rid of "the FC popups that never die" but it seems the banner option no longer works (drat).

Updates this time are pretty lame, but there's flashy new pics here and there, and the new layouts hopefully please the eye. Please give opinions! I can always change it back if it totally sucks. Here's a list of things I've managed to get done today.

New layout and promos on Rurouni Kenshin promo page
New layout on
Ushio & Tora promo page
New layout on
DBZ/DBG page
Improvement added to the
League War teaser on the Crossover Page
Inuyasha fanart by Nicole and Ai-Chan
General sprucing-up of all promo pages on
Another Road
Revisions to all stories
Cleanup done on all index pages


See, I'm not dead. DBG Chapter 7 is up! A rather playful chapter, kinda short compared to #6, but what the hey, the adventure has only just begun! Yes, folks, I am working on Zelda JttP 14 and TWD 31 at this time. Fanart update coming soon! Further bulletins as events warrant!


Howdy again! Another li'l update to let ya know I'm still working. A small part of GW: Promise of Peace Part 5 has been put up--just to whet yer appetites! I'm working as fast as I can on ALL the stories, so keep sending those encouraging emails!


Aaaack! I know I know I know! It's been FOREVER since I last updated. But here you go: DBG Chapter 6. I'm not fond of this chapter; I think it's one of the blandest I've ever done, but...anyway, tell me what you think. Please inspire me! I had a nasty month of Real Life so I need all the support I can get. (Boo hoo, pity party.) Now I need to get my tail-weaving keister in gear again...


IY TWD Chapter 30 -- Complete! Go read! Fluffy fans, I hope you're happy--Sess is not the bad guy here! I think Chapter 31 is soon to follow...wow, hope I don't burn out. Later!


Here it is--toldja I'm on a roll! Go read IY TWD Chapter 29 right now! Fluffy fans, you better be ready for this! (And I'm heading for #30 right away...!)


Hi all! Boy, am I on a roll now! Here's IY TWD Chapter 28, go enjoy it! I'm totally inspired and writing strong--Chapter 29 is already begun, well underway, and should follow soon! See ya then!


Hooray! All I can say is, "It is Finished!" Inuyasha TWD Chapter 27--go read it! Whew, now I'm gonna go hibernate for a week...


All new server! Short updates: New Mailing List on Yahoo!Groups. Rurouni Kenshin Promo updated/fixed.


*YAWN* Nothing really, just playing around. Any fans of Trigun out there? Yell at me and I'll think about working on this new promo page fic. Look here--Trigun Fanfiction Promo Page! (Watch out--there's itty-bitty spoilers for the series!)

If ya don't know about this anime, check it out 'cause it's pretty darn cool: Post-apocalyptic modern Western, lotsa action, super gunfights, plenty of humor, strong girls, a hefty dose of sci-fi, and one lovable, gangly, nerdy, girl-chasing donut-eating broom-headed space-case spaz-attack gunslinger--who's also pretty handsome, an unbelievable ace of a crack shot, and has a very interesting past. It's worth a look for humor, drama, and action-loving fans (the romance isn't overbearing nor mushy--you have to look for it). It's a very well-made series, a story beautifully told. And the dub rocks too! I watched it all--I laughed, I cried, and I highly recommend it. (I'd give it a PG-13 for language, though.)

I'll go back to serious work now... Finals are next week so little piddly things like this are all my brain can come up with. However, after my Finals are over next week, I will have plenty of time to work my fanfic-writing li'l ol' heart out. See ya then!


Yesterday was me birthday!!! Wish me happies!!

Anyway, short update for now--a little IY fanart for you to enjoy. By Nicole, a new pic of Shirokiba, in a whole new style! Go to the Inuyasha Art Page and check it out!

Inuyasha TWD Chapter 27 and DBZ Omega War Chapter 2 are neck-and-neck--it'll be a tough race to see which is posted first. And Finals are coming upon me soon. But then, after that--freedom! And lots more updates!


Another DBG update--Chapter 5 is done and posted! Enjoy Dragonball Galaxy!


Okay, I've finally got some story updates today! 2 new chapters of Dragonball Galaxy are up (#'s 3 and 4) so go check 'em out, DBZ fans! Trunks is finally on the move! Chapter 5 coming very soon, and the first 2 chapters have been updated and revised. Also, read up on two new story propositions on that page--a couple of AU DBZ fics--and please tell me what you think of the ideas. They might not be particularly original or anything, but I think I might do a good job... And a couple new tidbits on the FAQ Page.


Mainly a status update today. The Inuyasha page has been reorganized and revamped because the old one was so darn cluttered! Now it's a bit easier to navigate; you can get where you want to be without wading thru all my junk. You just might have to click one extra time to get there (change bookmarks if necessary!). Now it's set up in parts, with Stories, Randomness, Illustrations, and an Artists' Guide each on separate sub-pages with the link right there for ya! Hopefully my IY page no longer resembles my room. -_-;;

Anyway, I have added a few IY things--one small new poll and some teasers/promos. The Other Side of Real and Dog Daze now have their own little promo pages! So go ahead and look. Warning: Dog Daze has a BG midi! Turn your volume off if you absolutely hate it. I'll prob'ly take it down later anyway...

And my bro, Jonathan Tailweaver, has made a bunch of cool pics for me! Go look over my newly rearranged IY pages and see if you can spot his awesome 3D art! Write him and tell him how neat they are! (And he just might do requests if he's in the mood...hint hint! -_~ )


One quickie art update! My bro made me some absolutely amazing graphics to put on my Inuyasha page. Go check 'em out! He's good at 3-D computer art, and made a Tetsusaiga and some Shikon shards in a bottle. Spiffin, eh? I sure think so! (PS--they belong to him so don't steal 'em!)


Hello! I'm back in the saddle at last! Sorry for the long wait; my ISP problems are over considering that I am now PAYING for the service... I'm on AOL (sucky as it might be) so hopefully I'll survive. Ah, being back online after so long is like a breath of fresh air!

*ahem* Anyway...

UPDATE A: I've made some layout adjustments to the main page and a few add-ons to others. Please vote in the poll on the main page; I want to know what readers would like to see here in the way of extraneous stuff. Please put in your 3 cents, and/or email me if you like with additional comments.

Big sorries for all the Inuyasha people who waited so long. But the wait is over! Inuyasha TWD: Chapter 26 is POSTED! Go for it! Read and comment--more to come!

Other updates are forthcoming, especially in the promo pages. I'm trying to elicit reader response about my other stuff and see who wants me to work on what. I'm surprised Escaflowne is so popular... If you come across any broken links in that area, please don't worry about them--Under Construction!--I should have everything finished by the end of today!

UPDATE B: No new stories, but there's some new misc stuff anyway. New page layouts have all been fully uploaded. Go check out Another Road, my incomplete works page (under its new name ^_^). I've put up some serious eye candy, mostly Rurouni Kenshin and Escaflowne. Warning: Heavily spoiler-ish if you're not careful. Random story pics, Escaflowne chapter pics, 1 profile pic--you have to click on a pic to get it. See all my new little ALT popup messages on pictures? I wasn't sitting on my hands the whole time I was offline!

Also, a couple new Inuyasha fanarts up on the IY Art Page. One by Enil and a semi-songpic by me. Don't forget to read TWD Chapter 26! Later folks!


The world must stop for this announcement:


At last, Pokemon in Nerima, the Pokemon/Ranma crossover, is FINISHED! It is done, complete, over, epilogued and out! The wait is over! Thank you all for your patience and understanding; I finally had the time and concentration this week to sit down and complete this work. The first multi-chapter fanfiction in the Chronicle to ever be finished! I am pleased as punch right now--and inspired to work on even more of my stories. Wish me luck and keep encouraging me, readers! Thank you!

One other small update: Inuyasha fanart added. Check it out! It's cool!


Hooray! I'm back in business! ...at least for now, anyway... Good news, folks--I have officially updated a fanfic! Go check out Journey to the Past Chapter 13--up on the Zelda Page right now! It's a little short, but it came to a natural end at that point--and, well, it's something to read. Enjoy--and gimme lots of feedback!

Note: Inuyasha fanart update hopefully soon.


Teensy update--sorry, it's all I have time for! The Rurouni Kenshin Promo Page is fixed! If it doesn't work now, I'll take a mallet to my website editor!


On the Gundam Wing page, Promise of Peace: Part 4 is up and ready.


Breaking news: DBZ Omega War Chapter 1 is no longer a teaser!!! Check it out!

In other news, the problem with the Other Works page is fixed. You can see some stuff now. Also, the IY art moving is complete, and has been checked for errors. If anyone does happen to find missing links, please let me know.


I'm finally back!

Yes, I know it's been forever since I made an update. And I have a legit excuse, too! My ISP went kaput a long time ago so I was limited to email access only for such a long time!!! Drove me batty! But now I'm back, on a limited-time-only temp ISP, so hopefully I can make a few sporadic updates when the darn server decides to let me log on for longer than five minutes.

I put up a few things on my Other Works page, stuff that might never be worked on but is interesting anyway. Escaflowne, Evangelion, Kenshin, etc. Big IY art update coming within this next week or so, soon as I get everything collected. I'm moving the IY art back to my old site for an independent gig (partly to save space, too) so it'll jump back to my old GCities addy which is still marginally online. Working on that now. Everything else will remain here.

On the plate, planned next update: IY pic moving day, fanart update

Next after that: JtP 13, PkMn/Ranma last part/epilogue, and GW Imperfect Soldier Chapter 1. IYTWD 27 right behind 'em, followed by an addition to DBZ Omega War's teaser. Not necessarily in that order.

Man, I have so much catching up to do! Between school and hunting for a new cheap ISP, I barely got any work done! I am striving to correct that situation right now.

One last thing...there is a teensy update to my Gundam Wing section...not really fanfic, but it's an interesting little tour. Later folks!


Blegh, what a slow month! School is back full swing and driving me crazy!!! I've been working on a little of everything (yes, even the Pkmn crossover!) but nothing is quite to a stage of completion. ARRGH! I'm working my butt off! I will get something done if it kills me!


Happy New Year, everyone!

I'm baaack! Hope you all had fun holidays. Anyway, just a little update of something I spent my New Year holiday working on. Zelda fans, here you are at last--Chapter 12 of Journey to the Past!


Merry Christmas, Anime/Manga Fans!!!

I've got presents for readers! Inuyasha TWD Chapter 25 is posted! New fanart on the IY Artpage! Gundam Wing is improved and the Christmas story 1st part is posted--plus more previews and the 3rd part of Promise of Peace (parts 1&2 have been revised)! Zelda and DBZ are getting bumped to top priority!

Other notices:
Due to the fact that Gundam Wing is so dang popular and people have practically trampled me to get to it, I'm giving GW its own page here on my site--with plenty of big open doors! The other oddball works are on their own, now. But people are demanding GW! (Heaven help me, these GW fans are eating me alive!) IY and Zelda people, please don't lose faith in me! Maybe if you email me a lot, your voices will drown out the cacophony begging for GW!!! (pardon my insanity...)

Since I've been horribly neglecting my DBZ, Zelda, Ranma, etc, I'm going to let IY slide for a bit and work on some of my other things. That's not to say I'm abandoning TWD! I love my IY work and I won't let it die! I will work on it, just not as intensely as in the past. My other stuff deserves some attention, and I feel I've been burning myself out on IY. That's why this latest chapter took so long; my "IY creativity centers" are getting tired. So I'll let them rest in favor of some other fresh material. I'll be able to come back much stronger on IY in the future! I believe in quality, rather than quantity, so I'd rather not let the high standard of my work suffer. There will be IY updates. But there will be more Zelda, DBZ, etc. And Gundam Wing (no, I haven't been able to forget that...*sigh*...what have I gotten myself into?)

(IY fans, a prod once in a while is plenty. Please don't flame me to death for lack of reading material. The GW fans I have suddenly amassed are doing more than enough of that, just in the space of one week!)

Everybody have a fun and safe Christmas, all 12 Days! Happy Holidays, and God bless you all! See you in 2001!!!


Whoa! I had no idea there were that many Gundam Wing fans that actually visited my site! Due to the incredible number of positive emails I've received that beg me to continue a good thing I've begun, I'm officially bumping my GW stories from the "back-burner" Incomplete Page to the "currently-in-progress" Complete Works Page. That means things like Promise of Peace and Imperfect Soldier will be receiving more attention than the ignored little bits of fluff on the Incomplete page. Hope it makes you happy, GW people! Why not keep on inspiring me?


I've put up one fanfic on the Completed Other Works page. It's a Gundam Wing fanfic (don't kill me!) and it's short. Warning: HY+RP romance, WAFFyness, and very introspective (i.e: not a lot of action). And it almost ended up a 1st-person fic, too. (No, it's not the Christmas one. I'm slacking.) If you don't take it as strictly genre (as in "Omigod it's GW!") it's actually a pretty deep read. If you're into GW, I'd really appreciate some feedback on this one, folks. It's the first one of its type that I've posted. Thanks, readers!


Just added an "Other Stuff" section for any oddball anime fanfics I write. It's still in progress, but there's a few things there to peek at.


Update B: The new email is being mean to me! So for now, my Hotmail addy is the email of choice for me. I'll just continue there as I have before. (Stupid new webmail server...) Until further notice, tailweaver@hotmail.com is my address.

Update A: Okay, I'm moved! Whew...! That was rough. And a lot of work hauling everything into place. (Lucky I've got a bunch of big strong Saiyans standing around here to help out. *Sigh* Yes, Vegeta, that includes you--don't get your spandex in a knot.) Thank you all for being patient during this mixed-up time. For the most part, my old site is just going to sit around; maybe I'll use it for storage or something. Please, everyone make note of the new URL and email address for Tailweaver's Chronicles. Look forward to lots of new updates coming soon! Have good Holidays, everybody! (Oh, go check out the new fanart for IY. It's the first new thing on my new site!!)


Yippeee!!! New fanart in the IY Art Page! More beautiful work by Ray-chan! Please, everyone tell this artist how wonderful she is!!!


Notice: Tailweaver's Chronicles is moving to a new location. Please update your bookmarks with the new link:

Tailweaver's Chronicles


Shhh... There's a secret on the IY Page...


Happy update! I got some new Fanart again! This time it's from a new artist, Chelsea, who was kind enough to draw some Ginnezu pics for me. Thank you, Chelsea! Everybody go see!


Okay! Okay! Inuyasha fans, everybody has been asking me, "Where's Sesshomaru?!? Where's Sesshomaru?!?" Well, fine! I can't put him in The White Dog yet--it's not his turn! So I wrote something else for him to be seen in. Is he OOC? Maybe. Or maybe not...

It's a WAFFy, kinda-sad Sesshomaru fic (and it has a little Shirokiba in it, too). Go to the IY Page to see what's up.


It's...it's...a fluff chapter! That's right, Chapter 24 of The White Dog is finally done. The first half is serious, but the second half is...well...just read it.

Update B: Revamped the Inuyasha page appearance. TWD now has its own little spot, so that pages don't take so long to load. There's some new information pages on the IY Fanfic page. I've also posted links to a "spoiler page" that has some synopsis of future stories on it. Enjoy!

Update C: Revised DBG chapters 1-2, Chap 3 is in the works. Updated the DBZ: Omega War teaser so it's longer.


I'm so happy again!!! I got another Fanart from Ray-chan today!!! It's absolutely gorgeous! The art is a beautiful new portrait of Shirokiba--and it's perfect! It's just how I see him too! (Ray-chan, you have a terrific gift! Keep drawing!) If you want to know what everyone's favorite wolf-dog looks like, go to the IY Art Page!

On a smaller note, IY:TWD Chapter 23 is finally up and finished.

Update B: Due to the huge number of repeated questions I've received on a few limited subjects, I've decided to put up a FAQ section. Go there to read answers to the most common questions I receive. (Saves me the problem of twenty-odd multiple replies!) If you ask a less common question, I'll answer you directly. If I get too much of a question, I'll put it on the FAQ page.


Hi folks! A busy update today; went thru and fixed any broken links I found (annoying how that keeps happening--does GCities just up and dump your pages or what?). Sorry everybody, but due to some tech difficulties the music is going down for a while. But as recompense, I added some more tidbits to my IY page. There's some more pictures both in the chapters and on the IY Art Page. The character descriptions are complete. No new fanarts yet, though, besides Ray-chan's. There's also a new little songpic in the Songs section. Chapter 23 coming soon. Thank you all!


Best update ever! I got my very first Fanart today! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Big huge praise to Ray-chan for her tremendously wonderful art, based on a scene from Inuyasha: The White Dog. Go to the Inuyasha Art Page and look! I'm ranting and raving! It's so cool!

One tiny update from me: The descriptions for my original characters are now posted on the art page, as promised.


Another chapter for Inuyasha! Chapter 22 is up, so please go to my Inuyasha page to find it--there's some other new things there, too, like...

A new artpage for Inuyasha: TWD! Bring in some fanart for me, folks! (I'm practically begging, here!) I am still welcoming and willing to post it! Rules are on the IY page. Descriptions for original characters will be available on the artpage.

My mailing lists are also still open so sign up! I also would like to see what people think of my 2 original characters so please tell me; this may have a bearing on whether they appear in future fics.

I have had some people write and suggest I make The White Dog into a fanmanga. I am very open to this idea--if some talented artists would like to discuss it. I wish I could draw! (I also have to figure out just where to put that many jpg's!) Does anyone approve of this idea?


New poll on my IY page. Yes, I'm trying to see what people think of my original characters, Ginnezu Gin'iroinu and Shirokiba! Please write me and tell me!


Yaaaay! I've finally updated! Inuyasha Chapter 21 is now officially posted!

One of the reasons this took so long is I have gone back over all 20 of my other chapters and done the final proofing, revising, and corrections that were necessary. I also added more pictures to some of them, so if you want to see those you'll have to go hunting! (I might have an IY story art page put up just for the heck of it soon--if I get some fanarts!) Chapters 1-20 are the official, finalized versions. And now we forge into new territory--just how far I don't know yet. Check out the IY poll I added right below TWD's table, too. Enjoy!


Here's a notice to my readers.

Planned updates: Inuyasha Chapters 21-22 (maybe 23). Ranma 1/2 story should be getting underway on a regular basis soon. DBZ story will be proceeding at a slow pace once IY:TWD is completed and while Ranma story is IP.

Coming soon: An Inuyasha/Ranma crossover (I just had to do it!), and a Silver Fox Portal Challenge fic. Do you readers want to see these? Or maybe not? Write me and tell me, please!


Inuyasha: Chapter 20! This fanfic is getting way longer than I thought it would be. It's surprising even me! I just hope it ends someday--but it won't be any time soon. Also, there's a new songpic in the Songs section, based on Chapter 20.

Remember, you can get on my mailing list for any of my sections by notifying me of what you'd like to be updated on. I'd also like to see some fic-based fanart, if people feel inclined!


Yahoo! Another update, and it's not Inuyasha! Here's one for the Zelda fans: Chapter 11!


Two new chapters of Inuyasha! More to come!


Here's Chapter 17 of Inuyasha. Chapter 18 should be finished any time now, so check back soon.


This one goes out to all you non-IY fans out there! Here's a Zelda update--it's Chapter 10! Right here, right now!


Two more Inuyasha chapters posted (15, 16). One's a bridge chapter, and the other's a long one with an extra treat. That's about all for today, folks!


Things are intensifying! Inuyasha: The White Dog Chapter 13 and Chapter 14 up today! (I'm a maniac, aren't I?) Have a good time! Obviously, random updates pop up often around here.


Here's another one. Guess what? Yup, it's Inuyasha. Have I got a 1-track mind, or what? Here's Chapter 12. And a songpic for Chapter 9: "The Choice" and beyond; see my Inuyasha page's song section for details.


Don't you just love/hate me? Here's another two chapters of Inuyasha you can find here: Chapter 10 & Chapter 11. Have a good time! Chapter 12 will be done very soon! I started school this week, so my brain is turning into Silly Putty. Please forgive me for random fits of insanity.


Whee! I'm turning out Inuyasha like a newspaper printer! Chapter 9, hot off the press! Love me or hate me, depending on what kind of fan you are. I'm sorry I'm neglecting all you non-IY people! But I have to write as the Muse hits me, or else it sounds like poopie. (Seriously--my non-inspired writing sounds like a third-grader's report on caterpillars or something. Blegh!)


Another Inuyasha Chapter! And yes, I am working on other things--they're just not moving as quickly. I'm going back to school next week, too, so things will probably get even slower... Sorry! I'll get as much done as possible before that happens!

Update B: Check out my IY Page for the new Chapter 8, all written today. Enjoy!


I added a poll for people to look at, as well as a Personal Profile page where you can find out a little about the weirdo who writes this stuff.


I know! I've been a slacker! Here's Chapter 6 of the Inuyasha story, finally. Knock yourself out!


This might or might not be another 2-part update day. I seem to be on a real IY kick this week. Don't know why. Anyway, check out the funny little short story I tapped out this morning. And maybe Chapter 6 of my IY story will be done today.

Update B: I'm movin' to Tokyo!!! No, not literally. My GeoCities site is now located in the Tokyo Neighborhood with all the other anime/manga people! Yay! Also, I have a Guestbook now! No more sludging thru email to give me a little note!

Update C: Last update of today. I wrote on IY, nearly done but not yet, so I HTML'ed my 1st official Ranma chapter teaser and posted that instead. G'night!


Big stuff! I added two (count 'em-- 2 ) chapters to my Inuyasha fanfic this morning. Go check 'em out! 5th chapter coming soon--I promise!

Update B: I wrote up and posted Chapter 5 of my IY fanfic just to prove to myself I could do it in a day. It's 1 page shorter than my usual, but it was the perfect suspenseful stopping point...


Not much noteworthy stuff; I added my baby banner to my Zelda page so people can snatch it if they want, and I put a new tidbit on my DBZ page for the intrepid to peek at. See ya!


Hi! Just plugged in one complete Sonic & Knuckles story that is extremely old. Forgive me; just did it for the heck of it. Anyway, it's a good yarn. Read it just because.


Added Chapter 2 of Dragonball Galaxy on my DBZ page.


Howdy, y'all! Just a little update, the second Chapter of The White Dog on my Inuyasha page. Go there and enjoy yourself! Also, Chap. 10 of LoZ: JttP should be done soon. C ya then!


Sorry it's been so long, folks, but now I'm back in business! Working on some major chunks of stories that should be able to be posted soon. (Real Life is killing me!) As of today, another Zelda chap is up in my LoZ section: Chapter 9. Enjoy!


Put up a nice teaser for my big DBZ story, Omega War! Check out my DBZ page to find out how it all begins! Zelda Chapter 9 is 35% complete and growing!


Absolute and total site revamp! Major page crash cleanup! Click here to find out what happened last night (and who had to clean it up)! Now operating on Symantec VisualPage.

Put up the 1st chapter of my Inuyasha story (and an extra something you can try to find!). Added Chapter 8 on the Zelda page. Some new title pics, rearrangements, and a lot of reorganization. The page is no longer in a mess! Everything works now, darn it!


Put in a little goodie on my Inuyasha page, just to let you know I'm not dead or in outer space.  Story's in the works, and I'm annoying all my friends by spending an incredible amount of time on it.  Soon!  It'll be up soon!  I'm going back to it right now...


I've added an Inuyasha section at last!!!

The fun has only just begun, so check back often for more new stuff.  I'm also opening my doors to fic-based fanart, in case anyone feels the urge.  A new link in the links section, a new title pic for my main page, and that's about it.  Keep readin', folks!


Added the Updates Section.  Posted Chapter 7 of LoZ: Journey to the Past.  Chapter 8 in the works.

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