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OMG, she lives! O_O *le sigh* -_- Here I am again, with a teensy update--Coming Home Part 13, enjoy.

Also, bit of broken link checking.


Sorry, nothing major; just a sort of spring cleaning, general page sweeping, checking links and getting stuff put up that's supposed to be up. Sometime this century I might get pages up for the smaller stories, but as I'm concentrating on finishing things, that'll have to wait. Otherwise, enjoy!

Oh--TWD Chapter 32 is finally posted up here. Have at it!


Just another shocker, this one for the Zelda fans: 'nother chappie of Journey to the Past made itself known to me, and thus I wrote! *gasp!* Chapter 16 is available for your reading pleasure.

^_^;; Please kindly forgive me for the wait though I don't deserve it. *grovels*


Well, hello all, at long last! And have I got a surprise for you. After much waiting, tears, toil, and feet-dragging, I can at last say:

Chapter 31 of The White Dog is now finally completed! Go read!

^_^ Hope that makes everybody happy, at least for now. Nobody kill me please! I hope delays won't be annual anymore....


For the sake of all the Detective Conan fans dropping by--Happy Birthday, Shinichi!!! ^_^

As for the update, another chapter of Relative Truth is up. And silly me, being such a dratted slow site updater, I've just now put up a beautiful fanfic that Hell's Hauntress put forth a wondrous effort in writing. A prequel to my sonfics/short stories is up on the Detective Conan Page. Check it out! (Hauntress: sorry Baka-Becky took such a long time...I've had the brain of a tree sloth lately.)

And don't forget to take a look at the kawaii art that Magik sent me, a gorgeous pic from those same short stories! You'll find it right there on that very same page.


After yet another hideously long wait, I've produced another chapter of Relative Truth out at the Detective Conan Page. Also, a new story can be found there, titled In Vino Veritas. (Another weirdness thing...)

Everyone please note that we're still having bandwidth problems with the Inuyasha and DBZ areas.


Well whaddya know, she manages another update within the same month! Wow.

-- Two new short stories/serials up on the Detective Conan Page. Have mercy on my very first real songfics! They're very weird works from an idea inspired at an ungodly hour of the morning, so please excuse my utter insanity...


Hi all...another very late and much-needed update. x_x Dratted holidays...
On a more annoying note, it appears the Inuyasha and Dragonball Z sections of my site are exceeding their allotted monthly bandwidth. This causes the site to be shut down for the rest of the month, giving all of us unnecessary grief--so I propose a solution: Those of you just checking for plain old fanfic updates for Inuyasha or DBZ should probably go look me up at Fanfiction.net (where it seems my updates move faster anyway) under Becky Tailweaver. Those curious about fanart or other such things, go right ahead to the pages.

Now, updates:
-- Inuyasha pages have been somewhat updated; The Fall of a Prince Part 1 and a gift fanfiction by Roku Kyu called The Love of a Child.
-- Beautiful new fanart by Roku Kyu, posted on the Inuyasha Art Page.
-- Files 19 and 20 of Relative Truth are up at the Detective Conan Page.
-- Chapters 6-9 of Secret of the Beast Spear are up on the Ushio & Tora Page.


-- Chapters 4 and 5 of Secret of the Beast Spear up on the Ushio & Tora - Secret of the Beast Spear page.


A Moment of Silence, in Memory of 9-11-01.
May God bless you all on this day of remembrance.


Hi again! Another update--File 17 of Relative Truth!

Update B: Chapter 15 of Journey to the Past!


Gomen nasai, minna-san! First off, big apologies to everyone who's waited so long for me to get off my lazy rear! But to make it up to everyone I've posted up as much as I can get done, along with a few new projects that may entertain you. (Yes, I've moved sites again--a pox upon Fortunecities for royally screwing me over!) I'm doing my best to keep up, with relocating and all, but I keep spreading myself too thin trying to manage Real Life and write more stories. I'm sorry! I can't help it! So many wonderful animes, so many great ideas--and so many fanfics that beg to be written! I'll try to work harder from now on; please be patient with me! I hope these updates will suffice for now. More coming ASAP!

--Many new fanarts on the Inuyasha Art Page!
--Inuyasha: TWD Chapter 31 preview posted
--Journey to the Past Chapter 14 posted
--New fanart by Yan Ryu in the Temple of Muse! First ever fanart for JttP!
--DBG: The Return Chapter 8 posted
--New sections! The Next Phase (X-Men Evolution) has arrived, and Deuces Wild (Ushio & Tora) has moved up from its promo page status! New Trick or Truth (Detective Conan) fanfic page!
--Tons of fanart for the new Conan page, done by Magik and Myew!
--First ever fanart for Ushio & Tora fanfic, done by Jessiy Landroz!
--Chapters 1-7 of Blau Weihnachten posted on The Next Phase
--Chapter 1-3 of Secret of the Beast Spear posted on Deuces Wild
--Chapters 1-16 of Relative Truth posted on Trick or Truth
--General page and link repairs due to the move; please notify me if there are any remaining broken links or malfunctioning graphics. (Don't bump your heads in there, folks! Mind the wet paint, watch your step!)

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